Impulse: Sustainable Buildings am 01.12.2016

Opportunities for SMEs in Canada and North America

Canada has positioned itself amongst those markets at the forefront of the sustainable building sector. Amongst other measures, the Government of Canada will invest 50 million to improve climate resilience in building and infrastructures codes across the country. These are key measures that are driving the potential for change, creating opportunities for those businesses active in construction and renovation.

Canada is creating demand, Switzerland has something to offer: from traditional Swiss chalets to modern individual houses to entire apartment blocks; from schools to medical centers and from sports halls to offices, Switzerland has one of the strongest experience- and know-how pool regarding sustainable construction, be it in design, architecture or actual construction processes. On the other hand Canada can boast a worldwide availability of high quality wood and experiences at the same time the aforementioned trend towards higher wooden buildings. And with this, the use of wood for retrofitting will materialize quickly – and alongside it an interest for European design know-how and experience - the case for sustainability has never been stronger. The needs for renovation and drive for sustainability go beyond the construction market and call for integrated solutions including all the components of a modern structure – here again Swiss companies have a leading role to play with new and smart solutions.

In order to tap into this exciting potential created in North America be sure to register for our event on Thursday, December 1, 2016, when S-GE invites you to attend «Impulse: Sustainable Buildings» at Y-Parc Swiss Technopole in Yverdon. You can look forward to an informative day with exciting talks by experts from the region who will highlight for you the latest developments and chances for your business

Target audience
Swiss SME able to support the improved sustainability construction industry either through products or services and who have the capacity to export overseas to Canada and/ or North America. More specifically SME manufacturing / designing wooden buildings as well as their suppliers who have the capacity to export overseas.

Event language

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), Y-Parc Swiss Technopole, Yverdon-les-Bains